Calgary’s Longest Lasting Comfort in Woven Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker is quite possibly the best-known patio furniture material out there. The material has that certain look which also makes it one of the most popular materials on patios today. Woven resin wicker has a perfect balance of comfort, quality, value.

Wicker can be found in all levels of quality when it comes to patio furniture, where at Patioline, we only carry the most comfortable and highest-quality woven resin wicker patio furniture available.

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Elegant Woven Wicker Patio Furniture

Woven resin wicker is THAT look which is a great addition to your patio. It can be used with on its own or it can be made with another material, such as aluminum or teak, you will find there is a wicker design style for any look!

Wicker Creates That Traditional Look

So versatile and classic, woven resin wicker is suitable for nearly any setting and will never go out of style. Quality woven resin wicker from Patioline is durable and built to last – and it is backed by a manufacturers warranty.

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 Because Patioline is Calgary’s longest lasting outdoor comfort, our wicker brands represent the same values aas we do in their complete lines of wicker chairs, tables, and loungers from companies like Summer Classics and Barlow Tyrie. 

Why Woven Wicker Patio Furniture?

At Patioline, the quality of our woven resin wicker patio furniture selection isn’t the kind you would find at Costco or Walmart. Our brands are capable of lasting decades and have looks to die for. Our selection comes in many different colours and styles, the material can suit the needs of any patio and add an element of class and sophistication.

It’s versatile, it’s bold, and it has that classic and sophisticated look that cannot be matched. Woven resin wicker is used by interior designers and homeowners alike, and the design can create a variety of feelings in almost any setting. Using a minimalistic theme in your design? Use wicker furniture to create a bit of diversity without taking away attention from the room.

No matter the look or feeling you are looking for, Patioline’s  kitchen & patio experts have you covered with high-quality brands and over 20 years of experience; let us make your patio dream a reality!

More About Wicker

Wicker is a woven fiber that has been used for centuries, it has been documented even as far back as Egypt! Modern wicker furniture can feature either a wood or aluminum frame, on which the wicker is layered upon.

  • Wicker is often composed of plant fibre, such as rattan reed, cane, and paper fibre.
  • Woven resin wicker should be stored during the winter and during heavy rain to ensure that it keeps its quality
  • Woven resin wicker is not actually a material, but a method of weaving
  • Wicker furniture is a low-maintenance item, most often all that is needed to clean is warm water, soap, and an occasional vacuum with a soft brush