Kitchen & Patio is Calgary’s Best Selection of Quality Teak Patio Furniture

Teak as a material is very versatile and is used in some of the best patio furniture you can find today. Teak comes from Southeast Asia, where the material is a very dense wood which is very durable and resistant to splintering. Teak has a high concentration of natural oils, which makes the material very resistant to rotting.

With Calgary’s unpredictable weather can be very harsh for patio furniture, where Calgarians most often view patio furniture as disposable or cheap. Patioline’s selection of teak furniture is an environmentally-conscious choice, and very easy to take care of as it requires minimal care.

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Teak Patio Chairs, Loungers, and Deep Seating at Patioline

Teak is durable, sylish, and low-maintenace which makes the material a very veratile choice for home owners. Teak comes in a variety of design styles, and at Patioline, you’ll love your patio with your new teak chair, lounger, or deep-seating furniture.

Teak Patio Tables and Loungers

A quality teak patio table or lounger can make a huge difference to your outdoor dining area. With years of durability and beautiful design, a high-quality teak lounger or table is the perfect destination for your loved ones.

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Patioline has a wide offering of teak dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, and occasional tables. With the full selection available, you can find the right set for any living space. Patioline also carries complete sets that will change your patio.

Why Teak Patio Furniture?

Patioline loves teak! You will notice that when you visit our website or store, we are very quick to address the advantages of teak patio furniture when compared to other patio materials. Not to say that the other materials are sub-par – in fact, Patioline carries a large selection of wicker, aluminum, stainless steel, and wrought aluminum patio furniture. If you are looking for wood furniture for your patio, here at Patioline we believe that teak is your best bet.

Need more information about teak? Teak’s a number one choice for quality patios because of its low-maintenance, durable, and very attractive qualities. For us Calgarians, we have some good news! Teak can handle the dry climate of our city, where it retains its looks and long-lasting quality where others may not.

Still unsure if teak is right for you? Don’t worry! We have a group of knowledgeable experts with over 20 years of experience to help you find the right product for your needs and preferences.

More About Teak

Dense, resistant to splintering, and naturally long-lasting, teak is a great choice for  any other outdoor or patio furniture.

More information about Teak:

  • High-quality teak comes from trees over 4 decades old.
  • No more staining or sealing, teak is able to survive our harsh Canadian winter.
  • Teak will transform from its natural blonde colour to a light grey if left outdoors.  This isn’t damage or wear, but rather a natural process that occurs over time.
  • Teak has a natural process that when left outside, the wood will transform from a blonde colour to a light grey. This colour change is not damage, but to keep the colour, you can pick up teak sealer and cleaner to fight the fading.
  • Teak furniture is low-maintenance, where the cleaning of the furniture is as simple as a warm water/gentle soap bath.
  • Learn how to extend the life of your teak furniture by using SEMCO products to protect and renew it!