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While our cast and extruded aluminum patio furniture offerings are beautiful, the real beauty is in their exceptionally long life, industry leading warranties, and lightweight yet durable construction.  We carry a full selection of cast and extruded aluminum patio furniture designed to retain its comfort and signature appearance for years to come.

Inside our store you’ll find some of the brands you already know and love – Brown Jordan, Woodard, and Barlow Tyrie, to name a few – as well as Patioline exclusives, such as Tropitone (which offers an industry-leading 15 year warranty).  No matter what you’re looking for, the patio experts at Patioline are here to help.

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Cast and Extruded Aluminum Patio Chairs, Loungers, and Deep Seating

Strong, robust, and available in all shapes and sizes- aluminum is a great choice for outdoor patio furniture. Compared to iron (and other metals), it’s also lightweight and easier to maintain.

Cast & Extruded Aluminum Tables

Sturdy, lightweight, and built to last. Aluminium is an excellent material for quality outdoor furniture that is resistant to rust. Suitable for dining, side/end, and coffee tables.


Exclusive to Patioline, our featured brand, Tropitone, offers an industry-leading 15 year warranty on their aluminum furniture. We carry full product lines from Brown Jordan, Woodard, and others.

What is Cast Aluminum?

Casting is a process where liquid metal (in this case, aluminum) is poured into a mold while it is still a liquid, allowing it to solidify inside the mold.  When the mold is removed you are left with an object that is the exact shape of the mold, details included.

In the case of patio furniture, cast aluminum can be produced with either sand or die casting.  The type of casting used will influence the aesthetics of the final result, with sand-casting being the more popular of the two (it produces slight “imperfections” that give each piece its own unique charm).

Cast aluminum patio furniture is a great choice for many Calgarian homes due to its excellent value, durability, ease of maintenance, and longevity.  In addition to those qualities, cast aluminum can also be found in a variety of shapes and sizes- there’s a patio set for everyone’s sense of style!

What is Extruded Aluminum?

Extruded aluminum patio furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and is widely sought after due to its durability.  Rust-resistant, lightweight, and able to handle just about anything, extruded aluminum is the material of choice for many high-end resorts, spas, and private patio’s alike.

The process of creating extruded aluminum furniture is somewhat less complex compared to cast aluminum varieties.  Think of playdough being squeezed through a mold: it goes into the mold in one shape, and comes out the other side in the shape of the mold.  Force the playdough through a square mold and you’ll get square playdough.  The same logic applies to aluminum.

In the case of patio furniture, a piece of billet aluminum is pushed through a mold.  In doing so, the aluminum adopts the mold’s size and shape.  This enables remarkably strong furniture at a relatively low weight, and this is why many high-end resorts and spas prefer extruded aluminum furniture for their guests enjoyment.